MCube Financial LLC is an international boutique consulting firm focused on providing advisory and consulting services to the commercial real estate industry. Our senior leadership team has over one hundred years of combined real estate experience across all property types, at all levels of the capital stack, as both principal and lender.


In addition to substantial underwriting, advisory and due diligence knowledge, the team brings a wealth of real estate servicing and work-out experience. With the capability to provide solutions to complex, large scale problems posing significant time and resource constraints, MCube partners with clients to develop long term relationships that add value across their organizations.


With offices in the US and India, MCube provides a broad talent base across time zones and the ability to provide scale and flexibility to clients around the world. Whether underwriting individual or pooled assets for a US based CMBS or balance sheet lender, underwriting a trophy US property for a Singaporean financial institution or re-underwriting a large non-performing European real estate portfolio, MCube has the expertise and resources to exceed client expectations.

Typical services we offer?

  • Detailed CRE Underwriting
  • Loan Sizing
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Loan Abstraction
  • Asset Summary Report Preparation
  • Offering Memorandum Preparation
  • ARGUS Cash Flow Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Hold/Sell Analysis
  •